Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Our computer is dying a slow death

Our computer is extremely old and has been dying a slow death for some time now. It was at "the shop" for a few weeks and now the browser is corrupt because of it's age. I am officially unable to post to www.thenest.com, which is my favorite website. I love interaction with other newlyweds and sharing ideas. Where would we be today without the internet? I think we have finally decided to purchase a new one for Christmas.
I purchased the Clear Blue Easy OPK "smiley faces" today. It's the ovulation predictor kit that is supposed to give you a digital smiley face to let you know when you are going to ovulate. Wish me luck!!!! Bring on the smiley face!


  1. Oh so sorry about the computer, been there...But how exciting about the ovulation kit:) I'll be praying for some smiley faces;) Good luck but most importantly, have fun with it and don't stress:)

  2. Oh I love thenest.com site - that's just what I've been looking for, being a newlywed myself....well almost not, it's been over a year - how long does that title last anyway?


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