Monday, January 29, 2007

A lot to discuss

So our weekend was pretty good besides a few new house issues, but then again, what else is new with us? It's starting to become pretty comical and all Jeff and I can do is laugh and shake our heads. I guess we are just so desensitized by all of our issues lately, that it just wouldn't feel like home if we didn't have them all of the time!!! So this time around was actually a good news/bad news situation. Remember the mystery smell coming from the linen closet? We finally found out what it was!! a very gross kind of way. So, 1am on Saturday night, Jeff is getting ready for bed and the toilet clogs. All of a sudden, raw sewage (ew, I know, don't read anymore if you have weak stomach!!) comes up the bathtub. A good six inches!! Jeff opens the door to the linen closet where the bathroom pipes are. The panel that screws to the back of the closet is already off since we have been trying to fix the "mystery smell". He then shouts, "I think I know what our problem is!!!". One of the pipes is slowly leaking the raw sewage as well right into the back of our closet, under the bathrub. Totally ew!!! So, incase you weren't grossed out enough already. Jeff turned off the toilet so it wouldn't over flow while we went to bed. Or so he thought, the toilet must have over flowed in the middle of the night, because while walking out of our bedroom the next morning, the carpet starts sloshing underneath your feet. Thank god it was clear water!! But, nevertheless, gross again. So not only did we spend our Sunday cleaning up the gross bathtub, we had to put down at least 20 towels to clean up the flood, run two fans, and a dehumidifier all day. As gross as this storey is, I am so glad we have discovered the "mystery smell". I was going nuts, unable to use my linen closet, we had no idea how to fix it and I didn't want to keep that from selling our house. A plumber is coming out on Wednesday to hopefully fix the problem so we can finally check this issue one off of our list!!!!
So, I have also been starting to go a little nuts today about the looming idea that AF may or may not be coming in a few days. If she comes, I will be disappointed and bummed that we were not successful this month. If she doesn't, and we are blessed by God again, I will be so thrilled, and then I will probably go into freak out mode. It's been on my mind all day, analyzing every little sign. I hate over analyzing everything but now that I was pregnant for over a month, I think I recognize these signs a little easier. I guess we will see what happens...

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  1. ohygosh Karen, that's so GROSS!! Nothing make me wanna vomit more than raw sewage. I'm shuddering at the thought. I sure hope you can get rid of that house soon...I know you're hoping the same!

    I'll be crossing and double-crossing everything for you that AF doesn't show and that you have a very sticky baby in there. Know I'm thinking of you and praying for you!!

    ~ Candace (laughing daisies)


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