Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back from Myrtle Beach!

We left sunny, hot Myrtle Beach on Saturday only to come home to some pretty dreary weather!!!! I had to ask Jeff, how long were we gone? It feels like fall? Anyway, this weather has been miserable and I am not happy to be back!
Anyway, I believe we have sold our house (crossing fingers as I type.) We were on our way to our pre-construction meeting two weeks ago and received an unexpected call from our agent with an offer. We were so shocked!!! The very next day we hit the road to Myrtle Beach. We actually had to negotiate the price and paper work via fax at the local Myrtle Beach FedExKinko's. That was interesting, let me tell you. The contract is contingent on the inspection in which we have been anxiously awaiting. We hope to hear back with the results by tomorrow.
Nothing new with the new house, as I previously mentioned, we had the pre-construction meeting before our trip although no "break ground" date has been officially given. We are hoping by the end of the month, I am dying to get this show on the road already!!!
I am sure you have all been wondering how things have been going on the TTC issue. Sadly, nothing new to report. I pray to god every day to bless us with a baby but know it is only in his time. I did actually meet with my doctor a few weeks ago and asked her to run some preliminary tests. I have been under going blood work this cycle so they can test my hormones for deficiencies. I pray the results come back positive.

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  1. Yay! Myrtle Beach! My favorite vacation spot:) And great news that your house might be sold and that you are moving forward with the new house plans!!

    My prayers are still with you, and I'm praying for positive results on that blood work too;)

    I agree that this weather is horrible, it is starting to bring me down:( Yuck!


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