Saturday, October 27, 2007

The life of a Vagabond

So I find myself at the Library again on a drizzly Saturday afternoon. I can not stand living without a computer. Any blog entry I make will be from a library pc since I refuse to post at work. Just too risky. I am going to be so happy to actually have everything under one roof again.
I am just coming from a visit to the house. It officially has drywall and will be starting the sanding and "dry wall goop" as I call it on Monday. They also started the vinyl siding which looks really great. I love the color we picked out, it's called Sand and is more or less a light taupe color. I am a step closer to actually posting a picture of what it now looks like. I spent an house at CVS developing our pictures and making a picture CD. I plan on bringing it to work on Monday to download my pics to shutterfly.
Well, IUI#1 was a big bust, we are hoping to try again possibly this month, however, will be moving from our temporary housing into the inlaws in just a few weeks until our house is built. Like that isn't going to add some stress!!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!!

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