Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

As Jeff and I are saying, it is the "year of the peanut"! Meaning, this is the year we finally get pregnant and stay pregnant, right? The saying works for us for now and hopefully 2008 will finally be the year that we are blessed. I have been so positive about our situation lately that I am really more at peace than I have been in about a year since our miscarriage. The two failed IUI's made me a miserable, bitter person. I hope I never see her again. I had my HSG test on Christmas Eve, which is I am sure, what every girl dreams of, right? Everything looked clear and perfect in which I am so relieved. My doctor (the new fertility specialist we started to see a few weeks ago) told me this test alone will give my tubes a bit of a cleansing and is to make me more fertile for the next few months. Let's hope he is right.
Our den is finally set up and decluttered. It seemed to have been the dumping ground for the movers since it is the first room on the left as you come through the front door. As I sit here typing, I am looking out the den window. Our cul-de-sac is empty and the snow is coming down. It is actually quite pretty. My view shows a very undeveloped neighborhood at the moment and I know things will be changing here soon. Houses will be popping up all over the place and my view will be ever changing for years to come. Two other lots on our cul-de-sac finally sold and our most immediate neighbor to our left will be digging their hole in a few days. We are told it is a young couple around our age with two little boys. It will be nice to finally have neighbors, we are alone in our own little world right now!!!!
I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2008!!!

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