Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Second Infertility Appointment

Three cycles have passed since my HSG test so it was back to our fertility doctor. Jeff and I have been feeling pretty defeated and negative lately about our TTC journey and were hoping for some answers. We are currently at 18 cycles TTC post miscarriage and has been really frustrating for us. I made a point before our appointment to contact my OBGYN. She had performed all of my hormone tests and I wanted to bring my results to our specialist. According to her I am fine, however, I wanted our specialist to review them for a second opinion. Thankfully he concurred that all of my hormones looked great and that I was definetly ovulating. All other hormones such as my FSH, progesterone and LH also looked good. The doctor even confirmed for us that Jeff was fine too which was great news for us.
His diagnosis so far is that we have "Unexplained Infertility". The good news is that we were able to get pregnant, the bad news is that we have had a lot of bad luck. Our next steps at this point is to try one more cycle of regular timed "baby dancing" and then I am to start taking Femera. I was thrilled to learn that I would not be going on Clomid. He had mentioned Clomid at our last appointment, however, said that Femera was less traumatic to your body and gave you less of a chance of multiples. Femera is supposed to improve your egg quality as well as increase the lining in my uterus which improves changes for implantation. So we will see how things go for us this cycle, if we are unsuccessful, we are going to give Femera and artificial insemination a shot. We left the appointment feeling a lot more positive about our outcome which was just what we needed.

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