Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I was thinking the other day that my blog just wasn't complete without a picture of Hyphen. I still think of him often and pray that one day he will ask God to bring him a sibling. Why did we name our unborn child Hyphen do you ask? Jeff decided to name him Hyphen one day since the baby book I was reading at the time said that my baby was the size of a hyphen. Jeff just started calling him that and it stuck! Looking at the picture, it appears that I was having more of a salamander than a baby but you can still see his little head and torso. When I find myself feeling down about our IF issues, I will get the picture of Hyphen out to remind myself that it did happen once and it will again, it's just a matter of time. I needed some positive thoughts today so what better than to scan his little picture in?


  1. Karen, I think I of you daily and always say a prayers that God blesses you with another pregnancy soon. You certainly deserve it.

    I think Hypen is a cute little nickname. I'm looking forward to the next nickname your husband comes up with:)

  2. Karen--That is so sweet. I hope little Hyphen gets a sibling very, very soon. Thinking of you and hoping this is your sticky BFP cycle.


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