Saturday, October 04, 2008

Finally, some answers...

I am sitting here on the couch all drugged up and wanted to give you an update on how my lap went yesterday and a little bit about my TTTC journey.

I went off the BCP June 2006 and had my BFP November of 2006. We thrilled to have gotten pg so quickly, however, were devastated after we lost it 8 weeks. We heard all of the reassuring comments from doctors, friends, and family. You got pg once and you will become pg again very soon. That was not the case with us. A very frustrating year later we decided to see an RE. We were both tested and found no issues. We had an HSG that was all clear and were told to try again for 3 more cycles. Still no luck so we started IUI's with Femera. We were just considered to be unexplained, especially since we had gotten pg before After one day of researching on the internet all of the possible issues that could be affecting us, I thought to myself, what if I have endo? I had no symptoms at all of endo except for the one big one, infertility. I thought what if being on the BCP all these years suppressed it enough that we able to get pg right away and now nothing. Perhaps it had grown back since I had now been off the pill for over a year. It definitely sounded to me like it could be a possibility. I brought this possible theory up to my RE and he told me it was unlikely.

After our 6 IUI's with Femera failed, we had two choices, proceed to injectibles or do the lap. Lap's are not mandatory by my RE, it is up to you to decide if you want one. I was still curious about my theory and decided to go with the lap. After 2 1/2 years with no sound explanation to why all of a sudden we couldn't get pg, it was worth it to me to do the lap, even if we didn't find anything.
Sure enough, my RE found a mild case of stage II endo around my right ovary and behind my uterus. When he pulled Jeff into a room after my surgury, the first words out of his mouth was "She was right." I couldn't believe it! I am so thrilled to FINALLY have our answer. Of course I am not pleased about the endo, but so glad to know what is going on with us. He cleaned everything out and said to try on our own for a few months. No drugs, no injectibles. I pray this works for us and if not, we will proceed with the injectibles in a few months. At least for now, I have a better chance then what we were dealing with before. My advice to all ladies who are dealing with an unexplained diagnosis, I would go through with the lap. It's not fun but I am so happy to finally know what we are dealing with.
I am going to be laying around on the couch the rest of the weekend enjoying Jeff taking care of me. Has been so great during all of this, I am so lucky to have such a great husband.


  1. Karen~

    I am glad that you got an answer after all this time of wondering what was wrong. I'm so thankful you went with your gut and went ahead with the test. No one knows our bodies like we do. I'm sure you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders knowing now, and having gone through the procedure.

    I can't tell you how many friends I have who have had some kind of endo and now have healthy and beautiful babies. I continue to think and pray for you my dear in this journey and I pray that from here on out your dreams will come true VERY VERY soon.

    HUGS to you and rest up:)

  2. Take care of yourself! My SIL is going through the same thing- unexplained infertility. She and her H have been tested, and everything looks great, but nothing has happened in 3 years.
    I will mention this to her, and see if it's something she would want to consider doing! Best of luck to you in the following months!

  3. Karen,

    I am so excited for you. I am relieved that there is an answer and a plan. I will continue to say lots of prayers for you and Jeff.



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