Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October 15th is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day in the United States. Each year, over half a million dreams are shattered. Out of 3.3 million born alive, some 30,000 die during the first 28 days. Another 39,000 babies are still born. Miscarriage occurs in fifteen to twenty percent of pregnancies, while ectopic pregnancy occurs in one percent. More than 25,000 children are stillborn in the United States every year leaving mothers, entire families and communities devastated.


  1. {{hugs}} This morning on my way to work I had a moment where I allowed myself to be upset once again about my situation. How fitting that I see your post today. I hope you are well...and I hope you are happy. God has a plan...we don't have to like it, but we have to accept it and make the best of it. More {{hugs}}.

    Sara (Thomswife)

  2. I just wanted to check-in and see how things were going for you. Saw your post below and just wanted to say that I likewise appreciate all of the support you've always shown me on my blog and on the Nest. You are such a sweet person! I hope and pray you will be blessed with a miracle very soon.


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