Sunday, November 16, 2008

Get out the tissues for this one!

Infertility rips out our heart every day, however, one positive outcome are all the wonderful women I have met on the "Trouble Trying to Conceive" board on The Nest. I have learned from this board so many evils of infertility and how no life should ever be taken from granted. I have also seen the miracle of what modern day medicine can do for a couple that is challenged by infertility. MayDayGirl is no stranger to The Nest or this board and I have had a joy following her story from two failed apoption attemps to a successful Inveto-fertilization with ICSI. Here is a slideshow of the birth of her son on November 15th. He is truely a miracle. LINK


  1. I don't even know them and I'm crying. What beautiful photography of such a special time. I'm envious that they were able to capture so much.
    What a great birthday too :)

  2.! So beautiful!


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