Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Great Room Windows - Chapter 2

So now that the West Elm curtains have been hung, my next step is to purchase the West Elm Grommet silk panels in espresso to compliment the slider panels. I plan on hanging the panels like this:

as shown in Southern Lady's Blog.

I like how she has the mini rod's on either side of a large grouping of windows. This way it will add some decorative style to the great room but won't block out the beautiful view in our backyard.


  1. Hi Karen, Wasn't this the most magnificent home? Loved it! Boy I'd love to have that topper. LOL! That looks like a great way to hang the drapes. Once again love your home! The stone front is really special. Thanks so much for visiting tonight and do know you are welcome anytime. Are you posting a tree or Christmas Decor'on Trim a Tree Thursday? I remembered that's how I found your blog today. ~Melissa :)

  2. Wow, I never thought I could like pannels so much! :)

  3. Check out my blog, I left you something!! : )

  4. sweet - I love the mini rods and the ironwork in the middle - this is too fab...Please post your pics when you get done!

  5. Anonymous7:31 AM

    That amazing fireplace + that chandelier = AWESOMENESS!

  6. oooh, I love that wrought iron piece over the window!!!


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