Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Winter Friends

Yes, we are THAT neighbor. We love to feed our outdoor friends, especially in the winter when the squirrels and deer do not have a lot of food. This is more my idea than Jeff's but I think he is a closet winter friend lover too. I don't feel too badly about it because we keep the food in the woods where they basically hang out anyway. One of the reasons that we try to feed the deer in the woods is to avoid this:

I caught this brave little guy eating our new landscaping on Monday morning. Typically once the deer spot us watching them, they dart immediatly back into the woods. Not this little one, he let me take his picture for ten minutes as he proceeded to devour this bush. After he had a nice little feast, he proceeded to walk to the other front bed. I had to finally break down and scare him away. I knocked on the window which I thought would cause him to go running scared towards the woods. Not this deer. He just stares at me, cocks his head back and forth, and proceeds to eat another bush. I may have to try my neighbors suggestion by puttig out bars of Irish Spring Soap in our flower beds. She swears it works for them. I had to knock on the window a few more times until he finally jogged into the back yard to join this little party:

Can you see the huge doe standing on her hind leggs eating out of our bird feeder? Jeff purposely tried to tie it high enough this year due to losing two bird feeders last winter to our furry friends. Apparently they will stop at nothing.

On the baby front, I had my D&C yesterday. It was pretty uneventful and I feel absolutely fine physically. I didn't even have any cramping so I feel my doctor did a great job again, as usual. I definetly have to give him credit with everything, I do believe that he will get us to where we want to go one way or the other. We had enough tissue to get analyzed so we will know in a few weeks what caused this baby not to grow properly. Based on the test results, we may do more tests. I am scared to death and of course fear the worst that my eggs are all chromosomally abnormal. I need to keep telling myself that outcome would be rare and is more than likely just the bad timing of this specific sperm and egg. Thanks again to everyone for all your throughts and prayers, it really means a lot to read all of your wonderful comments.


  1. Lol at being those neighbors, but what cute furry friends you have!

    I'm glad to hear the process happened without further pain. Just continue to have hope and listen to the optimistic voice.

  2. How wonderful to experience nature from your own bakyard. I love the determination of the doe eating out of the bird feeder.

    Good luck with your tests, you and your husband are in my prayers.

    Take Care,

  3. ~Wow~
    You have the most amazing views!
    How lovely to be able to see all of the beautiful deer so close.

    Enjoy the weekend and take care.
    ~Melissa ;)

  4. I am glad that the D&C didn't have any complications for you. Hope you get some answers soon and just a little tip, when you get the testing back from the fetus, if you were far enough a long, they will probably tell you what the sex would have been. I did not want to know this when ours was tested but forgot to mention this to the doctor before he blurted it out to me. I know these times are tough but you are on the right road to a future healthy pregnancy. Take care! And what an awesome view!

  5. Hi Karen. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm glad you stopped in as I couldn't find your email address and wanted to say hi, and then remembered you had this blog.
    I'm so sorry for what you are going through, but hope you get some answers soon.
    Take care -
    Mary Ellen

  6. Karen-I'm so sorry to just be learning of your news. I wish I could say something to ease your pain, but I think that my words would fail me. I'm sorry, hon. I hope your doctor finds answers from the testing. Hold onto hope for some normal eggs-remember our story. I thought the same thing, but we did make a couple of normals. ((hugs))

  7. Beautiful and burrr at the same time. Your blog is so sweet and I love the pic of your master bedroom. My style is similar

  8. What a little character that little deer is! you do have a great view. I'm praying that you'll hear what you want to hear, and am so humbled by your optimism.

  9. I am so sorry to read about your loss. I am thinking of you...

    I love your blog - your house is beautiful!

  10. Those deers are smarter than we give them credit for being!

    I'm glad you are doing alright from your D&C. You were on my mind all day. Keep positive thoughts that those eggs of yours are just great..I am!


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