Monday, April 13, 2009

Third time the charm?

Well, I am definitly not publicizing this blog again now! I can not believe that we are pregnant again. I just POAS and the first line literally came up before the control line, it was unbelievable! I honestly have been trying not to even think of the possibility that we could be pg again. I could have tested yesterday but I really wasn't anxious too, either result would have brought on feelings of stress. If it was negative, I would have been dissappointed but know that it may take a few cycles, we just could not be that lucky for the shots to work for us again right away. Well, apparently they did. I didn't even have any symptoms, just a few cramps on the left handside that could have easily been PMS cramping. My BBS were slightly sore and a little more round but again, that has been a PMS symtom for me. My boobs were huge for me last pregnancy, even early on, so I didn't think that it was anything extraordinary that would have screamed that I was pregnant. I decided today to take HPT test after work, I wanted AF to show up just to put me out of the misery of the suspense in taking HPT but she was no where to be found. So I went to CVS and bought the First Response Early Response test, the most sensitive test out there, and decided to do it after dinner. I held my pee for 3 1/2 hours and I was literally read to piss myself. After sticking the test in the stream, I literally just sat it on the counter and the second line was already apparent, even before the control line. I am happy yet freaking out. Happy that it happened again so quickly but scared that I am living in ignorant bliss for what could only be another miscarriage. I pray that this is our family that we have hoped and prayed for.

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