Monday, November 30, 2009

Kelly's Korner - Christmas Traditions

Kelly's Korner is one of my favorite blog to read and this week is her "Show Us Your Life - Christmas Traditions". I thought I would use this as an opportunity to reflect on the four Christmases that Jeff and I have shared together as a married couple and to look forward to this Christmas, by far the most special to come. I feel like our Christmases have been shaped by a lot of monumental events in our life since we have been married. It seems as if a lot of milestones in our marriage have all occurred around the holidays. Let me explain.

Jeff and I were married in August of 2005. Our first Christmas together was so special. We were living were in Jeff's home, our first home as a married couple, and I wanted to make it special by throwing a fun holiday party for our family and friends. I remember I bought out Target, JoAnn Fabric's, and any other holiday decor store I could get my hands on. I was starting from scratch as a married woman and needed some really festive holiday decorations.


Christmas 2006 and brought us our first pregnancy loss and the start of our very long journey with infertility and loss. Christmas of 2006 certainly had a dark cloud over it, we had planned on telling our families that we were expecting our first child and ended up having a miscarriage and d&c on December 10th. We were really not feeling the holiday spirit but were thankful that we had each other and looking forward to trying again for a baby in the new year. Looking back at my New Years Resolution, it amazes me at how far we have come from that point. I was already dreaming of a new home and a sticky baby, at least one of those dreams came true in the upcoming year for us.


Christmas 2007 was nothing short of craziness for us. We FINALLY moved into our new home on December 22, 2007 after six months of going through the building process and moving three times that year. We signed the contract with the builder July 2007, we sold our house in September 2007 and then moved into a vacant friend's house which was also for sale. Our friend eventually sold their home and we had to move in with Jeff's parents for a month until our home was being completed. After a very long and crazy fall which consisted of several moves and daily visits to our new home under construction, moving day was finally here. Right in time for Christmas! Needless to say, I didn't do a lot as far as Christmas decor was concerned and only displayed a pre-lit mini tree in our front living room window. I could barely find our Christmas decorations amongst all of our boxes, let alone, find the time to decorate!!! Even with all of the chaos of building a new home, selling our first home, and moving several times, our hearts still dreamed of having a baby. It had been a year since our first miscarriage and we were on the horizon of seeking infertility treatments.

The big move, we didn't even have a concrete driveway that day! Note the empty lot next to us, the whole cul-de-sac was empty except for our home. How our neighborhood has grown.

Our Christmas card picture that year:


Our fourth Christmas together was by far the hardest. If you followed our journey, back then, we were in the middle of an emotional roller coaster for most of the month of December. We found out we were pregnant in November of 2008 after going through a year of infertility treatments, tests, and a laproscopy surgery. We were so thrilled when we found out that our prayers had finally been answered. We sadly found out in December that our baby might not make it. Several emotional weeks later at our next ultra sound, we had a healthy heartbeat and it looked like our miracle was finally going to happen. We tried to remain hopeful and pray for our baby, but again it was another loss. I didn't even have the heart to send out Christmas cards that year. We still managed to decorate and I tried to distract myself from the uncertain fate of our pregnancy by decorating our home. I had a d&c on December 26th, the day after Christmas.

A few photos of our holiday decor that year:


This Christmas chapter in our lives is still unwritten but we are so full of excitement and hope for the arrival of our little girl. We love her so much already and I can't believe that we are finally going to be parents!!! Our dream has finally come true and it couldn't be more fitting that her arrival will be around the Christmas holidays. What will next Christmas bring for us?

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  1. Karen I have tears reading about your Christmas miracle and past stories! I am so happy for you all. I can't wait to see her precious baby photos posted on here.

    Many more blessings my friend, ~Melissa :)

  2. I've been following your blog but didn't realize that you had suffered losses. I've been there and wish you nothing but health, happiness, and a perfect little baby this holiday season!

  3. Yay for your Christmas miracle! So happy for you! :o)

    Thanks for sharing your past Christmases and traditions. I always read those posts on Kelly's Korner, but haven't gotten my stuff together to add my own blog to her list! Maybe next time!

  4. After reading this post, I'm even more excited for your special delivery this Christmas season.

  5. Aww, Karen, reading this gave me chills. What a journey you've been on. I'm so incredibly excited for you. What a miracle Christmas gift you're getting!


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