Friday, January 14, 2011

A New Look for A New Year


I am sure you have noticed a new look around here.  I have received so many compliments already and it has only been up for a few weeks. My friend Shannon was kind enough to give me a more of an every day look after the amazing job that she did on my holiday blog design.  If you have been kicking around the idea of a new design for your blog, I highly recommend Shannon.  She was so extremely patient with me and also put up with my control-freakish personality while working on the new blog design! Shannon is extremely creative, talented, sweet, and kind!! I honestly don't think she ever sleeps, I received so many emails from her at all hours of the night. I just don't know how she does it while trying to take care of an adorable toddler. She is amazing! Thank You Shannon for once again making my blog look so pretty!!

Speaking of new looks, I realized recently that I have become "that" Mom who has let herself go a bit and I do not like her one bit. I always, always, always would say that it wouldn't never happened to me, and well, it has. I don't take care of myself like I used to and I really do need to make a few changes. So for the new year, I am challenging myself to make a few changes in my life. I did manage to lose a few pounds before the holidays with the help of the South Beach Diet, however, need to get back to it starting Monday to lose a few more.  Nothing major, just a few so I can feel a little better about myself and finally fit into a few more pre-pregnancy pants that seem to be collecting dust in my closet.  I haven't bought any new pants since having Jillian simply because I am determined to fit back into the old ones. I am also determined to go back to the gym. I am fortunate enough to work for a company that has a full service gym inside of our building, however, I need to make an effort to actually go!!! My lunch hours are so much more precious now as a Mom than they ever used to be.   I find myself running errands on my lunch hour and taking advantage of my time without having to drag around a baby.  My goal is to at least hit the gym two of the three days that I work and leave myself one day to run errands. Seems like a good plan to me, let's see if I can implement it!!!!

In an effort of trying to improve myself, I have been also on the hunt for a new foundation and moisturizer. If you use one that you absolutely love, please let me know! I am open to suggestions!!  I have been researching mineral based foundations for more coverage so I am very curious about them in particular. 

As for a moisturizer, this Mommy is not getting any younger, and I need to get a little more serious with my moisturizer. I am really looking for one that smooths out your skins texture while fighting wrinkles.  I also seriously need to start waking up earlier and doing my hair again.  I swear all I wear is pony tails lately.  Why is it that your hair always seems to be the last priority as a Mom?  That always seems to be the first thing I eliminate if I am cruched for time because it is so easy just to put it up in a pony tail.  I find myself hitting snooze more often in the morning when I really should be getting up earlier for work and doing my hair.  As I am laying in bed, those extra minutes of sleep seem so precious, however, when I am actually sitting at my desk at work, I curse myself on being so lazy.  It's a vicious cycle with me lately and I need to end it. 

Speaking of beauty, I had a fun day of pampering at our MOPS meeting.  A local salon donated their services to our MOPS meeting today and did every ones nails, hair and make up.  It was so much fun and it was nice to have a morning of pampering!!!     I have been to two meetings so far and have really enjoyed myself.    So thank you Andrea for welcoming me to your group!!!!!

I am looking forward to relaxing this weekend and getting our house in order.  This is our first weekend since Christmas that we haven't had any major plans so I am looking forward to a quiet and relaxing weekend with my family.  I hope you all have a relaxing weekend too.  Stay warm!!!!


  1. I use Bare Minerals and love it! My skin always looks smooth, even when I have multiple break outs! I would definitely recommend it -- good luck! Finding foundation is always such a challenge!

  2. I always read your blog in google reader so I had to get on your blog and check out the new look! Love it!! And I am a MAC girl thru and thru! =)

  3. I use MAC's foundation and mineral powder and will NEVER go back! I tried it for my wedding and receive at least one compliment on my makeup every week. I also use their moisturizing line & love it!!

  4. Hey! Thanks for the mention! I used BM for a while but wanted a little more coverage so I'm back to Lancome, which I've been using for years. They also now have mineral products and I honestly feel I can't go wrong with it. It works for my skin very well! I also like that I go to the counter to have my foundation matched for both summer and winter. No guessing! As far as moisturizers go, I'm not a lot of help. I tend to stay clear of those with a lot of the anti aging stuff in them until I'm totally 100% that I am done with having children. I am just over precautious but I try to limit the unknowns that I put on or in my body during these precious and sensitive years. I do use Clinique products for my moisturizer and face wash though and am happy!

    Good luck, K and happy shopping!

  5. Love the new look. Very fresh!

    I use gloMinerals which is similar, but the line is much bigger. I have used it for years and wont use anything else! I love mineral makeup!

  6. Oh wow, that day of pampering through MOPS sounds a-mazing! How nice of them.

    I was just commenting to my sister the other day that I've become a little frumptastic lately. Not so much in the weight department, thank goodness, but in every other aspect (hair, nails, makeup, etc.), I've totally dropped the ball. Thanks for giving me a kick in the butt to start taking care of myself again. It's easy to forget about yourself as a mama to a busy toddler!

  7. As a mom it is easy to slip, and yes, I am guilty. Sometimes we just have to do something for ourselves. Like wear a nice shirt, instead of that big 'ol baggy one, even if we are just staying inside the house.

    Mineral makeup didn't work for me. Many people love it though. Pre-pregnancy I tried Bare Minerals and it made my face a grease pit. That was when my skin was oily. Even since pregnancy my skin has been dry. I did use Everyday Minerals during a good part of my pregnancy. I didn't want to use makeup that was full of chemicals. I liked Everyday Minerals better than Bare Minerals but I felt that the coverage faded by the end of the day. I have troubled skin, to say the least, so perhaps I just need more coverage than others. Currently I use Clinique and I am generally satisfied.

    Everyday Minerals is worth a try. It is available online and they have $5 sample kits.

  8. Anonymous5:55 PM

    The blog design is really pretty! And I'm glad you're taking some time for yourself! You deserve it as a hard working mom!

  9. I have used Bare MInerals for over two years now and LOVE it! The starter kit lasts forever so don't let the price deter ya. Loving the new bloggy style!

  10. Karen your blog design is fabulous!

    I have used Clinique's Super Balanced foundation forever and love it. I have started using Olay's sensitive skin lotion and it is gentle which I need. Thumbs up from me!

  11. Oh boy, I already wear a ponytail too much! I'm not looking forward to having to keep myself looking fab while chasing a baby!

    I used to use Bare Minerals and I 100% recommend it. I only switched because I wanted to try Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, which I also love.

  12. I am loving the new blog design. That Shannon, she is really talented. I think I am in need of a blog makeover myself. Well, I could use a real makeover too..LOL! I think with the start of the new year, we all get to a place where we re-evaluate how we look and feel. I am so there with you with slightly 'letting go." Take a little shopping trip to buy some of that new make-up you were looking for and I am sure you will feel better..LOL! Have a great weekend.

  13. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Your new blog design is wonderful ! Love the colors :) I've heard bare minerals is fabulous !! I haven't tried it myself but I have several friends that swear by it !!!

  14. New follower!!!

  15. Here for the relax & surf hop. I am a follower. Hope you will come follow me back. I have 3 blogs please feel free to just pick one to follow

  16. HEY!! I love the new look. It's great! So upbeat and you!

    The best foundation I ever used was from Arbonne. It was like you weren't even wearing it and it's all natural. Wonderful!

    Somehow I must have missed that you were in MOPS. I am too.... the lessons are awesome this year!

  17. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Love the new look! Shannon did a great job!

    I love my MOPS group! I will have to say something to our leaders about the pampering day. I could really use that. :)

  18. I love what Shanon did with your new look. I am looking for something new for my blog, so I'll have to look into that!

    I also use Bare Minerals and love it! It lasts a really long time and my face never feels like its baked with makeup.

    Love your blog!

  19. And by baked, I meant caked. :)

  20. Love the big pic tips!! I am going to do this for my next blog and see what happens!! I NEED a new mositurizer too, so keep us updated! As for foundation, it's kind of pricey, but lasts awhile, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bobby Brown make-up... their foundation is great and covers awesome. i get lots of compliments on my skin and it's bc of the foundation. I also love the flat foundation brush to apply it and think it makes a big difference, too! GOOD LUCK!


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