Friday, February 04, 2011

Feeding A 13 Month Old Baby

I am really excited that Kelly's Korner is a hosting a 'Show Us Your Life - What Do You Feed Your Kids?' Link Up Party.  Feeding Jillian has been one of my biggest challenges recently and it's been on my mind a lot!!  I find myself lately always thinking ahead to her next meal and keep asking myself, what am I going to feed her? I feel like I am always giving her the same thing.  She is so picky and honestly only likes the same things over and over again. I am sure a lot of you can relate! It seems I am always hearing other Mom's talk about their picky eaters and sharing their sucess stories on what they do to get their kids to eat more.

Jillian's eating habits are also one of the most popular topics of discussions lately between Jeff and I.   The first thing we ask each other when we get home from work is "What are we going to feed the baby?" and  "What did Jillian eat today at daycare?"    It's always the first thing we talk about when we get up in the morning, "What is Jillian going to eat for breakfast?" 
Another reason I am so concerned about what Jillian is eating is because she had lost a pound in the time between her one year well check appointment and her nine month well check.  Our doctor wasn't too concerned, however, she did scheduled us for a 'weigh in' in just a few weeks so I have been going crazy trying to get Jillian to eat better..  

Jillian hasn't always been a picky eater.  The first time she had her first table food meal was at Thanksgiving.  We thought what better time for Jillian to try table food than the grand daddy of all meals!  How did she do?  She ate everything!!!  Turkey, green beans, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and even brocoli.  I was so proud of her and so relived that we didn't have a picky eater on our hands.  After that, she pretty much enjoyed everything we gave her.  Then it all came to an end.  In the beginning of December, Jillian came down with a pretty bad stomach virus and that's when everything seemed to have changed.  Her favorite food at that point had been Kraft Mac and Cheese but now she won't even touch it.  She hates all pasta.  It's the craziest thing.  Vegetables?  Won't touch them unless they are smothered in applesauce.  When she doesn't like something, she either ends up throwing it on the floor or she fusses and puts her head down.  So we certainly have our challenges, to say the least!  I have learned that when you have a picky eater, it's hard to always serve healthy choices.  You just want them to eat!!!  Jillian is slowly getting much better but we still do have our struggles! I am hoping that she will at least add one or two more foods every few weeks or else this girl is going to have Tyson Chicken Nuggets flowing through her veins!!

{Jillian's Favorite Foods}


Jillian also loves any kind of bread products so she has been starting to also eat Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls lately which is one of our favorite breakfasts.  She also loves to snack on Cherrios while I am getting her breakfast ready. 


Lunch seems to be the area where we struggle with the most.  Jillian refuses to eat any food at daycare, the only success she has had at eating their lunches is when they served pancakes!  Go figure.  She won't eat pizza, pasta, hot dogs or macaroni and cheese.  I have started to pack turkey and cheese sandwichs for her to eat because eating at daycare has become such a problem and it doesn't seem to be getting better.   Chicken nuggets and grilled cheese sandwiches are our lunch staples.  Fortunately for me, Jillian will eat Chick Fil A chicken nuggets and fries, however, these are only treats I will give her when Mommy has a lunch date.  I try to give Jillian healthy meals and haven't actually given in yet on making french fries for her at home. 

Dinner's have been going a little better for us lately.  The secret?  Smother everything in applesauce!  Veggies, sweat potatoes, meat loaf.  Everything.  Jillian will typically eat what we are eating within reason as long as it's smothered in applesauce.  It's been quite the miracle worker for us lately!   Applesauce has been saving us from having to feed her chicken nuggets at every dinner.  Our latest success lately is rotisserie chicken.  Jillian tried it for the first time last week and she immediately threw it on the ground and wouldn't try it.  I was so dissappointed because usually she loves chicken.  However, we tried it again this week and it was a hit!!  It's a healthy meal and I don't have to cook on a work night.  I usually end up just cooking a quick side dish and a baked potato and dinner is served!!! 


I have been trying to get away latey from the Gerber Puffs and Yogurt Melts.  Jillian loves them but I feel she needs more grown up snacks.   Our latest thing is to let Jillian eat a Gerber Arrowroot cookie after dinner.  She loves these and gets so excited when she knows it's getting close to "cookie" time.  We are trying to make eating a fun time for her so she is more comfortable to try new things. 


  1. OMG, I could've written this post. Gage is 15 mos. and literally that is what I think of every day....what am I going to feed him? The dr. has been very explicit not to let him only eat what he wants and get into the habit of feeding him the same thing. He also lost weight, but after his year appt. Crazy....I can't wait to read this post, thanks for sharing!

  2. I just laughed so hard because if you were to add mac and cheese and pizza - this would be Carter's main go-to foods as well.

    I get so frustrated that he's so picky. I started using that hiding method (a mommy trick that took me entirely too long to learn). I steam carrots and shave them into his mac and cheese. I make muffins (which he loves) and hide all sorts of fruits and veggies in them. Have you seen Jessica Seinfeld's cook book? I love it!

    Ohh..and just recently I lied (don't tell him) and said that pears are just "funny shaped apples" and he bought it and now loves them!

  3. It is so funny how the kids will love something one day, and then throw it on the ground the next! My son does that a lot. He loves any type of shredded meat also. I have made a lot of stuff in the crock pot for him, so it can be shredded. Maybe she'll like more meat, like the Rotisserrie chicken?!?

  4. My son is one month younger than Jillian. He is a pretty good eater, but we still have days where he is not satisfied with anything I give him.

    You mentioned that you weren't ready to start serving her fries, but maybe you should try sweet potato fries. Just cut up sweet potato and bake in the oven. It's so healthy and if she likes it, even better.

    I also agree with another post about hiding veggies in the foods she does like.

    Also, we do the applesauce trick as well, except that we always keep the applesauce separated and slowly give him more of the "real" veggie or meat or whatever it is we are trying to hide. Usually by the end, he is only eating the real thing and doesn't even realize it.

    GOOD LUCK! I know they are really testing you at this age to see what they can get away with and I think it's so important not to give in and just give them whatever they want.

    Oh one other thing. I read something about this trick. Sit her in her highchair at the table when you eat and give her NO food. Ignore that she is there and just start eating. If she's like Noah, he will freak out and insist to be fed. When she is freaking out and grabbing for your food, give her one tiny little bite of something you want her to eat off your plate and hopefully she will eat it and then go back to ignoring her. Continue to do this and stop if she starts seeming resistant. I haven't exactly tried this but I will if eating becomes a problem.

  5. Stopping by from Kelly's Korner. I didn't even know about Eggo's Pancake Minis! Thanks for sharing :).

  6. Still can't get over everything smothered in applesauce! Kids are so funny! GG has gone through spurts where she'll eat well, then for a span of weeks where she'll hardly eat a thing at each meal. Our pediatrician told us that as long as she's getting her daily serving of milk, she's getting all the nutrients she needs, making me feel much better!

  7. Rylie was a pretty good eater when she was a baby, but has gotten pickier and pickier as she got older. Bryce used to eat EVERYTHING, but now he is super picky too. I wish I had some tips for you, but unfortunately I don't. My kids would be happy to eat corn dogs or chicken nuggets for every meal. Neither of them really like meat (except for the chicken nuggets, if you can really call that meat). Oh, and Rylie LOVES fish sticks! They both love waffles, so we usually have waffles with peanut butter on them for at least 3 breakfasts out of the week. Peanut butter is a good source of protein, so maybe you could try that?

    Both of my kids will eat fruit, so I give them as much as they want. I also buy the V-8 Fusion (100% juice) since they won't touch a vegetable.

    Also...keep trying things she doesn't like. One day she may surprise you and eat it.

    Good luck. Mealtime has been one of the hardest parts of parenthood for me.

  8. I so could have written this post when Brayden was this age!! Well, all except the apple sauce! He was never a huge fan - though he will eat real apples.

  9. Hi Karen
    Love this post it always give me ideas on what to look forward to with Grayson.

  10. Lizzy often has a Whole Wheat Eggo Waffle for breakfast, and I usually top it with applesauce or leftover fruit purees--great way to sneak in some fruit, and a good alternative to syrup!

  11. My kids are much older than your daughter, and let me tell you, it's always a struggle in one way or another. In fact, it's my 13 yr old that gives me the most trouble...he ate everything as a baby, but the older he gets, the pickier he gets!
    Have you tried scrambled eggs, or hard-boiled? When my middle son was about your daughter's age, I discovered he liked egg salad (just mashed up the egg with a tiny bit of mayo). I sent it to mother's day out as a sandwich, but his teacher figured out he wouldn't eat it unless she scraped it off the bread and fed it to him with a spoon, so from then on I just sent it in a little cup. He likes the sandwiches now, though.
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  12. Gerber Sweet Potato Puffs were lifesavers when our girls were toddlers. They loved them!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I love what you've done with yours! :)


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