Wednesday, July 06, 2011

What We Have Been Up To

Hello! It's so great to be back blogging again after the Stay At Home Mom Guest Blogging Series. I really hope you all learned something from our amazing guest Bloggers. I was humbled by so many of their touching stories and felt so truly blessed that they would use my Blog as a creative outlet to share it all with you.

I missed you all so much and am excited to get back to regular Blogging!! Summer is in full swing around here and we have been busy busy!!! I thought I would briefly catch you all up on what we have been up to lately via my iPhone pics.

{We Went to Myrtle Beach}

We are very blessed to have family with a Condo in Myrtle Beach and to say that take advantage of this opportunity whenever we get a chance is an understatement. For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile now, you full well know about my obsession with Myrtle Beach. It worked out that we were able to travel there twice this year which was wonderful!! Unfortunately, someone forgot to notify the germs at daycare about our vacation plans and my poor sweet girl came down with Hand Foot Mouth Disease the day before we were supposed to leave!!! We ended up delaying our trip by a few days until Jillian's fever went down, however, the poor thing had to deal with the mouth blisters the whole time we were there. The poor thing couldn't eat for a week, I felt so badly for her and so helpless not being able to help her. If she could of handed me her mouth sores so she could eat a proper meal, I would have taken them in a minute. I honestly can say that Hand Foot Mouth Disease has been my least favorite of the germs Jillian has brought home from daycare thus far. With that said, we didn't take too may pictures of my baby girl this trip, good thing I took a lot when we were visiting in April.

My little bathing beauty trying to put on a happy face even though she wasn't feeling well.

{We are Building a Deck}

The deck construction has begun and I am very excited to show you all the finished product. Here are a few pictures of the before and during process. I will probably write a separate post of the after and our plans to decorate our new outdoor space!

The lines have been drawn.

The posts have been set.

And the flooring has been placed.

I have better Before pictures but I will save them for the big After reveal post.

{The Dining Room is Being Painted}

Well, I guess you can say these three blue swatches are what has been painted so far. I will have to dedicate a separate post and gather every one's opinion because this one has been really killing me. I can't decide on a simple shade of blue gray for our dining room. I have a lot of fun inspirational pictures saved on Pinterest, so if you follow me, you will see where I am going with this.

I hope you all are doing well! That is what has been going on here with us. I am sure your Summer is flying by as fast as mine is!


  1. Welcome back... I liked your SAHM series. My husband and I are live in North Myrtle Beach. Hope you had a good vacation despite the germs.

  2. Wow..seems like you guys have had alot going on...LOL! So glad you were able to take a family vacation but sad to hear the Jillian wasn't feeling well. Seems like she was pretty content by the look on her face :) Your new deck it going to be great. We got that patio set from Sears...I love it. You need to get it, especially if it is still on sale!!

  3. welcome back! I missed your posts!!! Hope Jillian's feeling better- I totally agree...that illness is the worst mostly because you have to wait it out. Boo. Cant wait to hear about the blue- and the deck!

  4. Welcome back BUSY girl!

  5. Welcome back to bloggy land! I loved your guest series!! That picture of Jillian is so adorable!

  6. I enjoyed the SAHM series but I'm glad to have you back. I can't wait to see how the deck turns out. I'm glad Jillian is feeling better.

  7. Oh my...I feel like a slug compared to all your activity. :) Love the startings of the deck. I am sure you will have a lovely outdoor entertaining space when you are done with it. Oh...and can not wait to see the DR. :)


  8. Love the photo of Jillian.

  9. I went blue in our basement and am so glad I did! You will love it's calming effect!


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