Monday, February 13, 2012

35 Weeks - Baby #2

Wow, 35 Weeks already!!!  I can not believe I am in the final stretch of my pregnancy.  All of a sudden I have been feeling VERY pregnant and huge.  Just ready to meet my little man already!  The third trimester fatigue has set in and it has been taking me twice as much energy to pretty much complete the simplest of things these days.  Taking care of Jillian has gotten to be a bit more difficult lately as the terrible two's are definitely upon us.  She is really into that everything is "mine" stage, should be fun when she has a baby brother around to share her baby items with!  We have been reverting back to that watching a lot of TV stage like we did when I was feeling very sick in the first trimester.  I feel horribly guilty about putting her in front of the TV so much but sometimes it is just necessary when I need to sit down for a few minutes and reset.  Jeff has been great pitching in here and there when he can which really makes a huge difference. 

Work has been a bit on the crazy side lately too.  As I mentioned in my last post, my manager and co-workers now know that I do not planning on returning to work so it's just been nuts trying to get everything done.  You know that week before vacation when you are crazy busy trying to cram to get everything done all for the reward of taking the following week off of work?  That is exactly how it has been for me, yet it's turning into a crazy month of trying to pound out task after task before I am on a permanent vacation!!!!

All of the craziness and hard work will all be worth it in the end when I get to stay home with my two little ones and do not have to deal with the hassles of work again!

How far along? 35weeks - 5 more to go!

Total weight gain/loss: Um, do we have to disclose this one?  I am actually right where I was with Jillian although 5 pounds heavier.  I am at 162 which is 40 pounds over where I was when I got pregnant.  On the bright side, I lost everything with Jillian and hope to do the same with this one!!!  I have learned alot about myself as far as weight gain and my pregnancies go.  I am certainly one of those girls that gains everything up front and only a few pounds at the end. 

Maternity clothes: Yes, and some of them are even starting to get a little tight.  I have started a pile of maternity clothes to pack up and put away that no longer fit me.  I am in that stage where I am getting pretty tired of wearing the same thing all the time and my wardrobe is growing even more limited now that I am fitting into less and less clothes.  I am sure my co-workers are tired of seeing me in the same outfit all of the time.  I almost broke down and bought a few tops at Target the other day but just couldn't justify spending more money on maternity clothes.

Stretch Marks: None at the moment and I never developed any with Jillian. Thank you Mom for these great genes!!

Sleep: Sleep is going well for the most part, however, I am getting up to pee a lot still.  It's the never ending cycle of drinking a lot of water during the day because I am constantly thirsty and then paying for it at night.  My back is surprisingly not as bad as it was which is wonderful.  It's my little man that is keeping me up at night with those ripples and jabs since that is his most active time.  Jillian has been getting up at 6:30am this past week as opposed to her usual 7:30-8:00 which is really what has making sleep challenging.  Other than that, I have been getting decent pregnancy related sleep.  I just need to get my butt in bed earlier!

Best moment this week: We finally painted the nursery this weekend and ordered his furniture.  It feels good to be making some headway and crossing things off our list!

Movement: I now feel movement on both sides of my belly which is a sign that he is getting bigger and really stretching out.  I am sure he is running out of room in there.

Food cravings: I love rice mixed with vegetables right now.  Anything that is related to fried rice, stir fry or just veggies and green onion mixed with steamed rice is such a treat right now!  My skillet is really getting a work out as of late.

Gender: BOY!!! Our little guy is still nameless. We are still stuck between Jeffrey or Nicholas.  If I had to guess, he will be named Nicholas but I am still waiting from the final word from Jeff.  I have such a cute little brother/big sister shirt set picked out right now and would love a name so I can order it!

Labor Signs: I have really been experiencing more noticeable Braxton Hicks lately.  My belly tightens up to a point where it is a little painful.  These are certainly not full blow contractions but it's scary to think I am getting close to experiencing them again!!!!

Belly Button in or out: Out.

What I miss: At this point, I am used to going without wine or beer but am really starting to count down the days where I can have a glass of wine with dinner again.  What I am honestly missing is my energy but I am sure that will be something that I will not have back for awhile, even after my little man comes. 

What I am looking forward to:  Meeting my little man, wrapping up work once and for all, having my energy back, and wearing normal clothes!

Milestones: Almost to full term - only 2 weeks away!

One thing I wanted to mention is that my doctor says there is a slight chance that my body "may" still think this is a twin pregnancy and may want to come a little early.  Because of this, he is going to monitor me a little more closely.  I have an appointment this week and I am really excited to see how it goes. 

Jillian wanted to get in on the picture taking this time and kept patting her baby brother.  I am so curious to see how she is going to react to having him here.  She absolutely adores babies but wonder if it will be a different story when that baby actually lives with her.  Regardless, I know she will be an awesome little sister and can't wait to see her with him!

Have a great week!

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  1. I probably just forgot, but is this a vanishing twin pregnancy? What point did your second little stop growing? And was it in the same or different sacs? I only ask these questions bot to be insensitive but because I had two of such pregnancies. My first was my first pregnancy and they shared the same sac. At 8 weeks the dr could tell that one or both babies wasn't going to make it to term as one baby's heartbeat was acting funny. At 24 weeks, the baby was absorbed into my placenta. I couldn't talk about it, I was in denial that there were two especially since my dad passes away right after we found out. Hmm, I gained my weight early on too and lost in the end.
    I did have some pre term issues but I did with all 3 deliveries so I don't know if it was related or not. When I went into labor my water broke and it was like Niagara prepared!
    My dr had casually mentioned...since I was in denial..that upon delivery that the placenta would likely show the 2nd baby. I delivered my first child, a son...they put a drap upnlike during sections so that I could not see the placenta. I didn't ask. But my dr requested the staff to do it. My delivery was hard due to cord and pre e issues that are probably not I had a room filled with nurses, neonatal gusts, and my dr. Ngoodness
    , ihope that this doesn't come across the wrong or scary way. I knew so little aboutbwhat was going on since it was my first time and I was youngish...naive.
    I don't know if it's related but I lost a lot of blood at the delivery. I was put on hospital bed rest due to it after maybe ask your dr about that. No transfusions needed. It was the only delivery like that for me.

    After birth my placenta was sent away for testing. This may be standard, but I only knew since it showed up on my medical bill.

    God luck to you. You're going to love watching your children together.

  2. you look great karen! jillian is going to be a great big sister. she looks so big in the last picture. i remember thinking how grown up libbi looked right before laney was born, but now when i look back on pictures she looks like a baby! it's amazing (and bittersweet) how fast they grow. praying that your last few weeks are enjoyable for you and full of wonderful memories with your sweet family!

  3. You look great! It's getting so close!

  4. Yay!!! So close!! You look amazing! I'm thinkin' about you

  5. Happy 35 weeks! Not much longer to go!

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  7. Not long to wait now! And lucky you not getting stretch marks! I dropped by from the Linky Follower hop, and would love it if you followed me back Erika Looking forward to seeing photos of your new little boy! Take care x

  8. You look so cute!!!

  9. Anonymous6:19 PM

    You look great! I can't believe it is almost time!

  10. What a cute prego lady you are. Congrads!

    I am now following your cute blog through GFC, LF, and Facebook.:> Visiting from the blog hop.Would love for you stop by and follow back.

  11. I can't believe it's so close now. Congrats. It's been such a fast pregnancy. You look fabulous.

  12. Oh my goodness--so close! You look amazing!

  13. Congrats!! You're getting so close, but I'm sure to you it feels like an eternity away!! Congrats on staying home too! I decided to stay home after my 3rd... so glad I did!

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  15. oh congrats to you!! you look fabulous really! and you are lucky you have this picture...I have i picture of me pregnant...and I was pregnant 9 times!!
    I am your newest linky follower..pls follow back if you can.

  16. When I brought the twin home my daughter Niki asked if I could take them back. She was not happy. With in a week,I could not get her to leave them a lone. She wanted to help with everything. She is now 26 and is still real close to her sisters.I am now following you on Linky Follower. I would love it if you followed me back. I always enjoy meeting new Bloggers.

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    Really enjoy your blog!

  18. So glad I found your lovely blog. I'm following you with the new Linky tool, straight from the Linky blog hop. I look forward to getting to know you better, Lori

  19. I cannot believe you are in the final stretches of this pregnancy!! It seems like it went so fast(lol..I am sure you don't feel that way). I am so excited to see and hear about your delivery and when you finally get to meet your new baby!! Congrats again. I am truly happy for you, especially since it was a long time coming!!

  20. Found you via the Linky hop and have become your newest follower. I hope you have a chance to visit and perhaps become a follower of mine as well.

  21. Wow... your little one is coming so soon! That is great. My 2.5 year old daughter just recently went from waking up around 8 to waking up around 6. Ugh. It was terrible (we have a 4 month old as well so that two hours of sleep was greatly missed). We started putting our 2.5 year old down for bed 30-45 minutes earlier (now 7 pm) and she started sleeping in later. Now around 7 am. We also bought the "Ok to wake" clock from target. It is the kind that turns green at the time we set so she knows when she can leave her room. It is great! We set it for 7, so she usually sleeps right up to it, but it has helped on a few days she woke up early. Just a couple thoughts in case you wanted to get your little one back to a later wake up time. Best of luck!

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  23. that weight must be ALL baby because you look amazing!!! hang in there! in no time you will have that little angel in your arms! ;}

    m ^..^

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  26. I just found your blog via the Blog Hop at 36th Avenue and I'm loving it! You look adorable pregnant (and not at all huge like you said!) Congrats on quitting your job- now, THAT'S huge! I'm your newest follower and look forward to seeing your cute little guy soon. Hope you'll stop by my blog and follow me back!
    Laurie @ Gallamore West


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