Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Losing the Baby Weight {Check In 2}

Hello friends!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  We are having such a fun Summer so far visiting all of the kid-friendly places in the Cleveland area.  Jillian is at such a fun age now where we feel like we can take her to different places and she truly understands what is going on.  There is nothing better than seeing her face light up with every new experience.  One of the best things about having children is experiencing everything from their eyes.  It simply just warms your heart!!!

This weekend we took Jillian to the Memphis Kiddie Park and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.  Jillian had an absolute blast and took a HUGE nap on Sunday, the only day we stayed home.  Nicholas has been such a good sport too being carted around to all of these different activities.  He is such an easy going baby, we are so blessed!

Thank you for all of your encouraging words and support from my first Losing the Baby Weight post.  It sounds like I am not the only one interested in losing those few extra pounds packed on from our pregnancies!!!  I also want to thank you for sharing your success stories and advice! Meredith suggested that I should also take my measurements as well since she found that she lost more inches than weight in the beginning.  Great advice! I am hoping to do this sometime this week, once I track down my measuring tape!!! I also wanted to thank those of you who have joined me on the 'My Fitness Pal' iPhone App!  It's fun to see what others and doing to lose weight, hopefully I can motivate you too!  Again, if you are interested in joining me on 'My Fitness Pal', my user name is karenathome.   

I am happy to report that I lost another pound this week just by trying to watch what I eat.  Remember my last post when I kicked off my workout routine?  Yeah, that was about it for workouts for the week.  Ugh!  We decided the next day to transition Nicholas from the Rock and Play in our room to the crib in his room.  It hasn't exactly been a difficult transition, however, the one thing I learned with Jillian is that babies do not like change.  Nicholas didn't protest sleeping in his crib, he just wasn't sleeping as long between feedings like he was.   He regressed back to getting up every 2-3 hours again.  This Momma is tired!!  I finally got a big six hour stretch last night, the first since the transition, and decided to workout after his feeding.  Working out once a week is better than nothing, right?  It is certainly a start and something to build on.  My goal is eventually to workout at least 4-5 days a week.  Hopefully Nicholas will also build on his progress too in the sleep department and it's a win-win situation all around!

My workout this morning consisted of a 30 minute 'Jiggle Free Buns' DVD from The Firm.  I absolutely love The Firm series of videos and DVD's.  They are the perfect combination of aerobic and anaerobic (toning and strength training) workouts.  I have found that you have to do both in order to truly reshape your body and lose weight.  Did you know that when you perform an Anaerobic workout, your metabolism burns more fat and calories at a resting state?  Who doesn't love burning fat when you are NOT working out?  With the all the limited time I have these days, I NEED to combine aerobic and anaerobic exercises into my routine. 

Here are the top 5 benefits when including Anaerobic workouts into your routine:

1. Helps prevent health problems - Strength training helps prevent cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, low back pain, and arthritis.
2. Builds and maintains lean muscle mass - The loss of lean muscle mass can begin as early as your mid-20s, and it results in a loss of strength, a slower metabolism, and decreased functional fitness. The loss of lean muscle mass is not the normal result of aging, it's primarily the result of a sedentary lifestyle. If you don't use your muscles they waste away. Strength training is the most effective way to build and maintain lean muscle mass and stay strong and functionally fit.
3. Increases bone strength and density - Millions of people worldwide suffer from osteoporosis. Consuming dairy products and taking calcium supplements to increase bone strength and density is not enough.
4. Reduces body fat - Strength training is just as important as nutrition and aerobic exercise when it comes to losing body fat. Strength training builds and maintains lean muscle mass, and the more lean muscle mass you have the higher your metabolism will be. The higher your metabolism, the more calories your body burns to maintain itself and the more body fat you lose.
5. Reshapes the body and improves appearance - Strength training is the most effective way to reshape your body and improve your appearance. Strength training can give you a bigger, more powerful body if you're a man, or a stronger, more toned body if you're a woman.

My diet this week has been OK, I broke down and had a few potato chips with my sandwich at lunchtime and Jeff also brought home Reece cup Blizzards one night.  Yum!!!  That was worth every calorie in my opinion.  Other than that, I have stuck to my 1800-2000 calorie regiment.  I want to share with you 'The Skinny Rules' that I found on 20 Minute Mom Blog when it comes to your eating habits.  I thought these were excellent! 

I love the one about going to bed hungry.  I have found now that every time I start to crave a late night snack, I think of her rule about going to bed hungry and it has given me that extra motivation to stay out of my pantry, at least until the next morning!! 

{Check In 2 Weigh in Stats}
Wedding Weight: 112
Pre-pregnancy Weight: 120
Weight at Nicholas's Birth: 170
Current Weight: 137
Pounds lost since last Weigh In -1
Pounds lost: 33
Weight loss Goal: 120
Pounds left to lose: 17
Are you trying to lose the baby weight or those annoying last few pounds? What lifestyle changes are you making in your life to help you meet your fitness goals? I would love to hear from you!!!

I hope you all have a good week!

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  1. good for you! I love those tips. I don't know much about the firm videos but I need to start something!

    1. Hi Colleen! I know Target used to sell them a few years ago too. I haven't been down their work out aisle in awhile but I did buy them
      directly from the firms website several years ago. It's a great program and it works!

  2. Congrats! I love the firm tapes. When I was trying to drop the pounds post baby last year I started with those. I also recommend the insanity program its thebomb.com... my husband even completed the series with me for extra motivation (i bought them used on amazon for 1/2 the price)

    1. Hi Kate! I would love to do Insanity if I had the time! Hopefully one day when the babies are a little older, it is certainly on my list to try.

  3. Wow, this is awesome Karen!! I say those tips at 20 Minute Mom and loved them too! I've been watching {almost} EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth & I'm back to my pre-baby weight, but that's pre-baby #4 weight and I'm aiming for pre-baby #2 weight... 10 more pounds to go!! I'll have to check out the firm videos. Exercise is definitely the one piece of the puzzle I"m missing right now. With 4 little boys, I'm having a really hard time finding the time for exercise... chasing them around all day counts though, right?!
    Laurie :)

  4. YOU GO!! Karen awesome awesome!! Amazing job..keep it up lady!

  5. Great job! And I agree - take your measurements, I didn't in the beginning and wish I had.

    Another workout I love is Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred - it's a 25 minute workout, 3 levels, and there is a beginner and advanced option for each level. Lost 19" in 1 1/2 months doing that ( I didn't do it 30 days straight, had some break days).

    Agree with the majority of the rules above you found. :)

    Have another great week!

  6. Hello Karen,
    I also recently started to try to lose weight and I'm using Cinch shakes.

    Thank you for the tips!

    Best wishes on reaching your goals!

  7. ps In addition to not snacking at night, what do you think is the other biggest reason that has helped you?

    I love the availibilty of fresh fruits and vegetables in the summer.

  8. Great tips, Karen. I'm starting to snack at night again. I will try not to do so.


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