Saturday, February 25, 2017

Friday Favorites and a God Wink Story for Ya!

Hello friends!  Happy Friday Saturday!!!  I hope you are all having a great weekend.  My intentions was to finally put together a Friday Favorites for you but due to the amazing 70 degree weather we have been having, those plans were scrapped as we decided to play outside and enjoy every last moment that we could.  Today it's 40 here in Cleveland...and back to February in Cleveland.  I certainly can't complain though, even 40's in February is a heat wave compared to a typical February here.  

So before I dig into my typical Friday Favorites post, I have a fun story to share with all of you.  As we kicked off the New Year, one of my New Year's goals was to truly try to blog more often here at Karen At Home.  The year started off great and then my Limelight business kicked off like you wouldn't believe and Mommy blogging just went out the window.  Isn't that how it usually goes though?  Life gets crazy and blogging is the first to get nixed off of the priority list.  Don't get me wrong, I am over the moon that my Limelight business is taking off and that my team is growing at a rapid pace.  I have the most amazing girls on my team and it is my biggest blessing to be able to train them to run a successful Limelight business of their own.   So I made the decision a few weeks back to put down Karen At Home, I hated to do it, but it felt good just MAKING that decision because I felt like it was just one of the many things constantly hanging over my head.  I even messaged my dear blogging friend Diane my plans.  It felt good knowing I had one less thing to worry about and putting it out there to my friend seemed to finalize it.  As sad as I was, I knew it was the right decision.  And then we went to Great Wolf Lodge a few weeks later... we always make it a point every Winter to plan a small weekend getaway to an indoor waterpark.  It's a fun way to break up the Winter and we always have a great time.  The kids absolutely love our little tradition and look forward to going every year.  Right before we were about to head back home, I was hanging out with Jillian near the locker room.  The two of us had just showered and put on lounge wear for the hour car ride back to Cleveland.  I looked like a hot mess all freshly showered, but knew at that point I was aiming more for "car ride comfort" then to see anyone I knew.  And then the most awesome thing happened.  A Mom came up to me and introduced herself as Kate and wanted to know if my name was Karen.  I told her it was and she further explained that she was a fellow blog reader and just had to stop by and say hello.  I was blown away!  Wow!  It was as if it were a sign from God that no matter how crazy busy things are right now with life, I still need to keep up my little corner of the internet going.  So Katie, if you are reading this, thank you so much for stopping by and introducing yourself (and hopefully you excused my appearance, I am shocked you even recognized me, lol!!!) you impacted me more than you know and I plan on continuing Karen At Home as best as I can.  And a big thank you to all of you who stop by here to see how everything is going in our life, I appreciate it more than you know.

So in typical Friday Favorites fashion, I am linking up with Erika to share what I am loving this week...

I bought these adorable peep toe booties at Kohl's this week, all of the warm weather was  putting me in the mood for Spring!

Healthier options in the Target checkout aisles!  I loved seeing that our Target put in these healthier options and that they were no longer filled with just pop and candy bars.  I helped myself to a container of nuts, cheese and meat.  The perfect protein snack for Mom's on the Go who are TRYING to make better snacking decisions.

These two are always my favorites!  We had a great day at the Lake Farmpark for Presidents Day, the warmer weather allowed for us to play outside on their new playground. The kids had a blast!  We are SO looking forward to Spring around here.

I can't seem to get enough of Limelight's Enduring Lipcolors (Liquid Lipstick).  The staying power is amazing and I love how you can outline your lips with the applicator, my lipstick never disappears and it looks great for several hours.  You can also mix multiple colors for a different look, here I am wearing Elle layered with Creme Brulee.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!!



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